93 degrees with a heat index of 106.

We are indoors, with the air conditioner blasting right now. The high today will be 95 degrees, but 93 feels like 106, keeps me inside. Luckily we have the England Championship Play Offs, at Wembley Stadium this afternoon.

Brentford, who haven’t been in the top league for 70 years, are playing Fulham, who were in the Premier League a couple of years ago. I said the ‘top league’ because 70 years ago there was no such thing as the Premier League.

Brentford have beaten Fulham 3 out of the past 5 matches, and drawn the other 2. It looks very unlikely that Fulham will go up, with these statistics, but they do know how to play Premier Division football.

This is a West London Derby, so neither hubby or I, will be unhappy with the result. I have always liked Fulham, and have no idea why. Has that ever happened to you? You like a team in any sport, and have no idea why?



  1. I’ve lived much of my life in Denver’s metro àrea. Consequently I’ll root for them broncos etc. They don’t always win. Eek.

    I walked 106°F in Lincoln Nebraska…glad you’ve indoors and a/c!!! The worst I’ve felt was ok ok,’s 112°F WITH humidity… Yikes.

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  2. Craven Cottage is one of the most picturesque surroundings in the Premier League. So, as a neutral (because my team got relegated), it’ll be pretty cool to see that stadium more next season.

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