Food shopping for 2.

Yes, it is a lot of food, but I have only been to Aldi once since the pandemic started. Hence, I buy in bulk. It is also a good thing as we are in the busiest time of Hurricane season.

How can you not buy product such as these at the prices I am posting:

A full cart for $80 bucks.
  • Family size cereal $1.99
  • Old fashioned oats $2.39
  • 24 oz jar pasta sauce 85 cents
  • Parmesan cheese 2.29
  • soup 50 cents
  • Peaches in extra lite syrup 89 cents
  • Chili with beans 95 cents
  • large canister raisins $2.89
  • Regular size cereal $1.39
  • Frozen Brussel sprouts $1,19
  • 8 oz. Cheddar/Mozzarella cheese $1.69
  • Large eggs $1
  • Black Forest ham or turkey $2.95
  • Fresh mushrooms 99 cents
  • Seedless grapes 99 cents lb.
  • Yogurts 25 cents
  • Indulgent Greek yogurt 32 oz. $3.49

I have missed a few items, but you get the idea. Being English, I love the German company Aldi, both in England, and here in the states. Excellent quality, and prices you can’t even beat in the Dollar store.


  1. We don’t have an Aldi but we go to Lidl for some of their organic range: coffee, Prosecco, nuts, oils, beer. I also buy their frozen lobsters whenever I see them which sadly isn’t often enough.

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