Temix MALENO Yoga Leggings High Waisted with Pockets for Women Pants, Butt Lifting Capri Leggings for 4 Way Stretch

The Temix Maleno Yoga, high waisted Leggings are my new favorite leggings, for all workouts. I first wore them at my Zumba class, then boxing, and lifting weights. Love doing squats in them.

Here are photos I took of me wearing them

I have a 5 minute video below showing the leggings up close, and telling you about the colors, and sizes. I did wash them by hand, and hung them to dry. This worked out perfect for me.

I think my favorite part is that when I am lifting, and it doesn’t matter which lift I do, they DO NOT MOVE. That is so important to me.

I really think that I will be buying a pair, as I did have these leggings to try out. I wore them for several days before writing my review. I gave them every type of test I could think of, and they checked off every box

If you workout, or are looking for a belly flattering pair of leggings for everyday wear, this is the ones you will want.

This video will give you everything you need, to want your own pair of leggings.

I am not an affiliate, so do not get anything for sharing this link with you, apart from knowing how happy you will be.


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