Wow, Amazon have gone further that I expected.

Please read my last post as this is a continuation of it.

When I went into the web-page of the Seller, they had completely done a cover up on the product. First the price had changed from $149.99 to $94.99. It is now a red tent, and not a blue one. The title has now changed to : BATHWA Outdoor Sun Protection Folding Tent Cloth Shed Rain Tent Cloth Shelter Cover Outdoor Camping Tent Cloth Sports and Entertainment (Without Tent roof and Bracket) It still doesn’t say without poles to support it, but that is only minor compared to the previous discription.

I was on for 30 minutes or so with the lady from Amazon. She went back and forth with everything, and she agreed that Amazon does not tolerate this from their sellers.

After doing some research I’m seeing where the item was ordered from a third party seller on the website called “Dolfin”. The order was shipped from their facility so the issue has to be addressed directly.

The seller has been contacted as promised, you should receive a copy of the email sent on your behalf. This seller will contact you within 24-48 hours via e-mail. However from experience I’m certain this will be addressed even before based on the severity of this issue.

Failure to comply with the request sent can result in cancellation of listings, suspension from use of Amazon and the removal of their selling privileges. You can also view communications with sellers here’

This is part of the email I received from Amazon. You can see how determined I am not to be out of pocket, because I didn’t get the product I was expecting.

Again, I will let you know the final outcome.


  1. I ordered face masks at the beginning of the pandemic and got some other sort of medical supply. Not even close to description. I returned them and didn’t call Amazon. I just checked the box that said it didn’t match description. No hassle. I’m glad when they make it easy and don’t make the buyer jump through hoops

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  2. So was mine. Can’t always trust them. Somehow I managed to do all the refund business without calling Amazon. But mine was a low ticket item so I guess I got lucky

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