Boxing with a trainer after 5 and a half months.

5 and a half months doesn’t seem a long time, to many people, but to me it was an eternity. I am finally back at Load More Plate, and had my first boxing session with Patrick, who is in the photo with me.

We had never met, and being a young man, he had a totally different approach to boxing, that I had never done before. I had to take several water breaks, as he had me doing so much moving around. I knew I shouldn’t have upped my weights in the morning, doing arms, and legs.

I do go gently with my left wrist, and had my extra long Mexican wraps on. At the end of it, I wondered how I could do Zumba, Body Pump, Strong Nation, Strong by Zumba, and Body Combat, and not be as puffed out, as this.

So you know that I will be doing lots of stretching before my session this week. To be prepared for it, I did go on the treadmill and do 3 minutes walking, 1 minute running at 6 mph, for a total of 20 minutes. Yes, I do have Pain Bloc 24 on my right knee, but it was worth it.

Love my trainers, and so happy to be back.


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