I get sucked in by scammers, it’s happened again.

I need to stick to my groups that I have been in for years, and not even entertain new sellers on Amazon. I get the odd seller that wants me to test products, and if it’s something that I would buy that’s fine. If they don’t pay be back, I accept it’s part of the wheeling and dealing that is done via Amazon.

This person asked if I was a reviewer on Amazon, and I said ‘No’, as my account was wiped 4 and a half years ago. He had light bulbs for $15.99, which is a fair price for 6 LED 6 watts, that give out the equivalent of 60 watts.

He also had a kids item at $14.99, so I ordered both. He would refund me via PayPal after shipment. Of course he didn’t. They arrived several days ago, and now keeps fobbing me off, with after the weekend, within 7 days.

I hate to be mean, but this person is a scammer, and yes I expect the odd one, so I am keeping the light bulbs, so he has made a sale, but I am sending the kid’s thing back. I told him that if I send anything back to Amazon, they will not resell it, and he will have to pay storage costs on it. I think I am being very fair in doing so.

You are all my witnesses that I won’t buy anything unless it comes from one of my groups that do discounted, and free items.



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