Body Pump this morning, and a massage this afternoon.

I put my Pain Bloc 24 pain tape on my left shoulder before doing Body Pump today. I decided to keep the same light weights on the bar, but when it came to the weight above the head, and then behind the neck, I upped that one from 5 lb. to 7 lb.

I did it easily, and had no pain in that shoulder, or in my wrist, where I am still using their pain pen. As you see I am very gradually increasing just one section, after 5 weeks. I know that getting myself back to full strength will be a long journey, but I have the time.

Now we are home, and having some protein. I am looking forward to my monthly massage this afternoon. I will get her to work on my shoulders.


  1. Always curious about why – soundbite easy- people rave about this or that analgesic product. I’m either a weenie or a weenie as none really got me through. High test lidocaine cream..not enough for iv discomfort. Ambesol. Works but like an aspirin for a stubbed toe restubbed. Clove tea only if you goal is h I g h….

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