Love and appreciation comes back triple fold.

As many of you know I belong to several groups on Facebook. Here we get the opportunity to get product free, and discounted. I have been in these group for many years, and have always done what is asked of me, and adhered to the rules.

Admins occasionally have a problem, and if I can help out I do. I will not go into any details. So this morning, when I got up sitting on my front doormat, where 3 parcels. I was picked for one really expensive item that I wanted for hubby, and 2 other ones.

I hear in the groups all the time, that people haven’t ordered, haven’t filled in the forms, put in correct information in, and so forth.

I truly love these ladies that put in long days, giving us great deals, only to get free products, and sometimes a commission. They could be out in the ‘real world; making a lot of money for themselves. They are my heroes.


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