Boxing outside with a heat index of 101 degrees.

Your thinking she must be stark raving bonkers to be boxing in the Florida heat, but that’s what my new trainer wanted, and that’s what we did. We were under an entrance way, so the sun wasn’t directly on us.

We did various combinations, and lots of footwork. I took water breaks whenever I started to feel puffed out.

The first photo 5 years ago, the second today, the new sweaty me.

We finished up with round punching, similar to a punch ball I completed the punches, the hooks, and uppercuts, and then when we reversed them, I was done before the final punches. All my strength had been drained with the heat, and humidity.

My cheeks, and forehead were bright red, and everywhere was running with water. I had to take my hair down, as the elastic band, had clumped it together. My blond hair had changed color with the sweat. That’s what I call a workout.


  1. Maybe remembering a bit about what soldiers withstand, the Navy Seals, and other Special Forces, can help us get through our work out regimens. Sometimes I tell myself, if they have to go 12 hours without using the bathroom, I can hold out another 20 minutes : )

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