Domino’s guarantee their pizza, or you get it free, or redone.

If you read my blog you will know that after my monthly massage, I order Domino’s pizza, as it is in the opposite plaza.

I ordered my usual hand tossed pizzas, and walked around the plaza until it was ready. I then went to the door to pick up. The lobby was closed. It said to press the bell. There wasn’t one.

A lady opened the door and asked if I had already ordered. I said yes, and gave her my name. She went inside, and came back for my credit card. When she came back she handed me the credit card, the 2 medium pizzas, with the receipt tucked between them.

I put the food in the car, put my credit card away, and drove home.

Hubby got his pizza while I was unloading food shopping. When I got mine it looked dried up. No runny cheese. As I lifting a piece up, it was thin crust, which makes the pizza cooked more.

I phoned Domino’s immediately, as I checked the receipt and it said hand tossed. They offered to make fresh, but I would have to pick it up, or a store credit. I opted for the credit, so Hubby will be eating pizza.

If I could have gone in, I would have said I have come in to pick up 2 hand tossed pizzas, and the mistake could have been handled then.


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