3,200 pounds fine for not wearing a mask in Britain!

We watch ‘Good morning Britain’ every day, to keep in touch with what is going on for our family. I also got to talk to my daughter on the phone, and Facebook Messenger with my brother, and his wife.

They are so determined to get the Coronavirus under control, that fines up to 3,200 could be imposed, for people continually disobeying the Face mask rule. Also the 10,000 pound fine be enforsed for gatherings of more than 30 people.

There is also another worry for the people. This morning they were told that if they were in France, and other countries, they need to be back by 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. If you don’t get back you have to self isolate for 14 days. Travelers are scrambling to comply, which could mean crowds in port areas, where social distancing could be a problem.

Will the government pay them, if they self isolate, or will they have to manage on there own. They will have already lost part of their holiday.

Every day there seems another change is taking place. How do the British deal with it?



  1. The British Prime Minister at first denied the virus, shook hands with people in hospital who had it and then got it himself . He ended up on oxygen in intensive care. The response to the pandemic in England has been chaotic. The response in Scotland has been much more coherent. Now the isolation required when coming back from France is announced. Ans these fines!! who is going to enforce this? The police? How will they enforce it and how will the fines be collected?

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  2. It will be hard to get everyone to wear a mask. Fine or no fine. Especially now that people don’t have fear about this thing anymore. In my area, only 10% of the people wear mask and thick public gatherings are already happening like crazy. It’s like the virus is no more.

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