Police should abide the law.

Today we were on the busiest road in our area, U.S.19, and waiting in the left lane to turn at the lights. The green light was showing for the vehicles traveling on this road, going straight on. Once it had completely turned to RED, a police car without lights flashing, or sirens going, continued through the RED lights. There are cameras at this junction, so will he get a ticket?

It really looks bad. because the other lanes of traffic stopped long before he went through.

Do you think that the police should be accountable for an action like this, or even more so, because they are the ones we look up to.

I would love to know your thoughts on this subject.



  1. Pienso que deberían seguir la ley como cualquier mortal y si hacen alguna infracción rendir cuentas por ello no porque sean policías y lleven uniforme pueden hacer lo que quieren saludos

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  2. I’ve seen them turn on the lights to get through an intersection, then shut them off on the other side. I don’t think they should do that unless they are headed to a call that’s potentially a matter of life and death. But then, we can’t even get them to stop killing innocent people, never mind running red lights.

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