The photo above, if it has come out this time, is the one I had for my previous post.

It took me over an hour this morning messing around with my Daily walk photo. I kept getting the publishing failed, so I retried, out the photo out, and tried putting it back in. I was working on it for ages trying to get that particular photo for the start of the day.

I checked recent posts, and as you can see it didn’t show up. I tried multiple times, and read it finally went through, I got the Daily Walk photo, with no photo.

I only thing I could do is go with a photo that wasn’t in the WordPress free photos. This worked fine. Does anyone else us these free photos, and do they have a problem with them working?

Hoping my original photo will show up in this one, if not I will have to replace it again. I should have taken screenshots of what was happening, but I was so frustrated, that I just took pictures with my phone. That’s why they are not clear.


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