Channels missing on our bedroom television.

We only use the television in the bedroom on a Saturday morning, during Premier League Football season. Today hubby put it in, and it is the same type of smart television that we have in the main room. Channel 26, our English football station had disappeared. Hubby fiddled about with both the remotes, and I said that I would phone Spectrum.

I was on with the recorded lady, and I told her that channels were missing. She sent something to out televisions, but it didn’t work.

Finally we got a really nice lady on, and she was happy to do whatever it took. It was all done her end, which is what I wanted, and it took around half an hour from start to finish, but we have all our stations on both televisions.

I asked her how it could happen to one, and not the other, and she said that is does happen, but they don’t have a reason why.

If we hadn’t been able to get channel 26, I would have told her what is the use of a television, cable box, and nothing that we will watch. Luckily it didn’t come to that.


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