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A week ago I was asked if I wanted to become a representative for this company.

I tried it at no cost to me, and followed instructions. I spent several hours the first day, liking comments left on my post, and private messaging these people. I had the same speel to send to everyone.

Two thirds ignored it, a lot of Nos, and one okay. I also had one that wanted to check out more information on the products. I did a blog post here, and zero comments for the first time in years.

I continued checking responses until the end of the week.

Yesterday I sent a private message to the gentleman saying that it wasn’t for me. That’s when he remembered he had a spot for half the price. Of course I declined.

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of your comfort zone, and attempt something totally new to you.


  1. I could never sell things. I’m terrible at it. I think you made the right decision of not doing it. I had a couple of friends get sucked up into it and it didn’t work for them either.

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  2. Lord i Feel so
    Fortunate to
    Leave the
    God behind…
    And of Course
    i did it by not
    Worshipping IT
    As IT Still Now
    Does most
    The Metaphor
    For This Country
    Black Friday for Sale
    With or Without
    The tiniest
    To Save Lives…
    Go to Hell Dollar
    Bill God… Stay out
    Of MaKinG
    Into Hell…
    Of Course
    Easy to Dance Sing
    When ‘Devil’ Defeated
    Only Serves
    You and
    No Longer
    Creates US..:)

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