I have been working with weights this morning.

I tried to change my workouts, but continue to gain strength in my left wrist, and shoulder. Today I was in the back room of the gym, and worked with the bar, doing lifting, and putting the bar on my shoulders to do squats.

I also used the 5 lb. weight in my left hand, (upped from 3), and 8 lbs in my right hand.

My favorite bit, is in the video, and photo, when I work with the 10 lb. weight. I find I can do so many different exercises with it, and feel it working in most areas of my body.

Working out is the best.

I had Google take the photo, that came out upside down. I turned the photo to upside down, and then added it, and it still came out upside down. I am not a photographer for sure.



  1. You inspire me, Susie. Whenever I see how hard you work I think about my mum. People call me on phone to complain she’s working too hard for her age. Doing hard labour that made her sweat profusely. I tell them that she had been like that since I became of age. Once it doesn’t hurt her, why complain? She’s wired to live a highly active life, her age doesn’t interfere with that. She’s seventy-seven by the way and she looks 20 years younger. She’s healthy, strong and can run without doubling to pant. You remind me so much of her. Well done.

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