Photoshoot tomorrow 10 am

I am so excited. I will have my hair done at 10 a.m., and the photos taken around 10.30.

It will be a bikini in the pool area. A quick change, and then boxing in the gym.

I am so excited, as I enjoyed modeling in our mall, a few years back. A model at functions at our local Eagles (FOE), and all the modeling I do for my sellers. I feel very comfortable in front of a camera.


  1. Me At 60 You
    Are one of few
    Inspirations recently
    I’ve Met who speak
    Life doesn’t End At
    50… i was Fortunate to
    Work-out With a Navy
    Captain who in His mid-70’s
    Still Squatted 450 Pounds
    And Shrugged 700 Pounds
    As When the Military Gym
    Was still open i Leg Pressed
    Up to 1520 Pounds at a
    90 Degree Angle 8 Reps…
    What We Both had in
    Common is Discipline
    Of never Stopping
    Across Our Lifespans…
    Same Lesson of
    Jack LaLanne
    In his 70’s Towing
    A Fleet of Boats
    Swimming Across
    A Bay at only 5 Feet
    6 inches Tall… it is
    Important to see
    Case Studies who
    Do more than the
    Science Assessed
    Couch Potato Averages…
    As other Modern Science
    Shows Humans Literally
    Still have the Evolutionary
    Potential to be as Strong
    As Orangutans 🦧 And
    In Deed i for one
    Achieved That after
    Being Assessed by
    Peers in Youth too
    Weak to exist….
    Smiles i went
    Back to my
    40th Class Reunion
    Stronger And Happier
    Than those former Peers
    Ever imagined in their
    Life for i pursued
    Human Potential
    Instead of ‘Things’
    And Naturally
    Became Financially
    Independent by Age
    47 too.. it’s not how
    You start out it’s
    How You
    Give up…
    Stay inspiring Dear…
    At 72 With SMiLes..:)

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