With restaurants opening up, don’t forget promotions, discounts, offers, and more.

In England for the month of August, restaurants have signed up for the government to pay 50$ of the bill, and the consumers, the other half. This does not include alcohol. You have to check to see which ones are doing the offer. Also it is ONLY MON – WEDS. My family says that they are empty the rest of the days.

Here in the states there are so many competing for our patronage right now. Most are hurting. We go to Ruby Tuesdays when they have their B.O.G.O.F. Check out restaurants that have discounts for seniors. Wendy’s give free drinks, and if you buy their tag to go on your key chain at the beginning of the year, you get mini Frosties. Dunkin Donuts are offering free coffee, or free donut with a purchase, on Monday and Friday. Bob Evans offer 10% off Veterans, and their party. Starbucks have so many going on if you join their rewards. I have just won on their daily game, a free cold brew, 50 stars, and 4 lots of 10. What about Denny’s $2, $4, $6, and $8 menu. The first two are incredible value, also if you have an AARP card, you get 15% off the entire bill.

Each day I get offers in my emails, and don’t forget the ones that come in the mail. You can also pick them up online, and you can catch them while watching television too. Never pay full price. You might have to go on a certain day, but it’s worthwhile planning your outings around them.

Enjoy saving, when eating out, curbside pickup, drive through, or delivery.

The photos are from Bob Evans today. My fruit came first, and then I had an open biscuit, with chopped up sausage, gravy, and cheese.



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