In my element being pampered.

What a lovely morning I had. It was so nice to have my hair washed, and blow dried by a Professional hairdresser. She gave me some great tips.

Then it was a couple of photos in the hair studio, and out to the pool.

Clint was the photographer, and his charming wife was there, with comb in hand to ensure I looked my best. To begin with Clint chose poses for me, and then the diva came out in me, and I was having a blast. I just love to show people that at 72, you can have a body like mine.

We finished up just as hubby was getting ready to go into his class. The gym was quiet busy, so we stopped there, and plan to do another session, possibly in a park close to home.

He will be editing where necessary, and sending me a link, in a few days. I can’t wait to send some to my family in England.

We take care of so much in our lives, and our body puts us in a good stand. Don’t neglect it, and be proud of it.

The photos are selfies after getting windblown, and working out. That’s why they look like they do.


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