Covid-19 ruined so much, but I have joy today.

I have just received an email from my daughter in England. My eldest granddaughter went for a job prior to Covid, and there were so many qualified people interviewed. She was called back to spend a day there, and they were going to offer it to her, the day all hell let loose, and businesses were being closed, because of the pandemic.

She got that phone call today, to say that they are offing her the post graduate job, and she is to start in September. We couldn’t have any better news.

I am so proud of her.


  1. That is wonderful news. When my granddaughter graduated this spring she was so disappointed not to find a job that suited her degree, but she finally did and has been at it for three weeks now. Yea!

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  2. My granddaughter lives in a tiny village. She took a part-time job in her last year. After graduating nothing in the area, and won’t travel far due to helping with her autistic sister. This has been15 months to get what she wanted.

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