Someone on Facebook doesn’t like me in my bikini.

I went on Facebook this afternoon, and there was a black square, where the photo of me poolside, in my bikini.

The message was ‘Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported abusive’

The only post I had put on at that time was my photoshoot one.

Now I see really bad swear words on there, girls, and gentlemen showing more than they need to, and others writing offensive words. So why was I picked on? Can anyone give me a good reason as to why?

I spent over an hour trying to locate the area in Facebook to try and get it reversed. Time I didn’t have to waste.

One good thing today, both television, and landline are back with us.


  1. I think the photo is fine. It might not have been reported, they have weird algorithms. A friend of mine had a picture of their two grandchildren (fully clothes) sitting on steps banned. It’s crazy.

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  2. On line people are a funny bunch. They feel fine being anonymous and taking shots at people about things they don’t like, but likely do not appreciate a critique in return. I am not on Facebook, never have been, never will be. With all that is out there on the WWW, I find it interesting they would flag your photo. It might even be jealousy or a compliment. Stay well Susie. Allan

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  3. Its crazy…I can’t post anything from my blog on FB or Instagram because of… who knows? I just don’t have time to see if it can be fixed… I guess nature shots are threatening 🙁 I hope you can get it fixed

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  4. Even though I didn’t see the photo, Susie, I’m sure it would have been a great shot of a fabulously fit and energetic woman. More power to you!
    Here’s hoping this silly censorship is just an error. Stay fabulous! 🙂


  5. FB has been under a lot of heat about content and their algorithms probably delete anyone in a bathing suit regardless of how innocent it may be. I closed my FB acct so didn’t see the pic but I’m sure it was spectacular!

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  6. SMiLeS How Humans
    Adore their Clothes
    And Find Disgust
    In The Real Temple
    Of God Our Naked
    Flesh Let’s Face the
    Truth Some are
    Just Afraid
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    Book Friends Who
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    The Milky Way US🌊

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  7. I admired your photo! It was very nice and tasteful I thought. Sorry you got that FB message. Some of the things I see on there are horrible, yet they are still there. I don’t get it.

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