I was planning on writing a happy post but…..

We have no picture on our television again, just sound. We checked the other smart T.V. in the bedroom, and it was the same. We rebooted the box, and it didn’t work, so yet another phone call to Spectrum.

The lady told me that the make of cable boxes we have, are having a lot of issues, including this. She went through everything again with us, and sent over, whatever they do. We waited, and when it finally came back, the lounge area television that we watch all the time, still had no picture.

I went into the bedroom, and yes it is working fine. She told us that she will get a technician to come, and change out the boxes for us, but it won’t be until Monday. We have an appointment for 1 – 2 p.m.

So I guess we will be spending a lot of time in the bedroom, but not for the normal reasons. Well nothing is ‘normal’ right now, so it probably won’t make a lot of difference. Will anything get back to NORMAL?



  1. So sorry! TV is a great distraction right now and relying on the company to fix it sounds really frustrating. If it makes you feel any better, I’m a teacher getting ready for the school year and I am currently locked out of my account so I can’t get any work done. Lol, so I get it.

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