How I hate bed!

Last night hubby and I wanted to watch television so into the bedroom we went. We sat, slipped down the bed, and generally tried to be comfortable to watch Britbox.

We got off the bed just before 11 p.m. to get really for bed. Once ready, we looked at each other, and hubby told me that he didn’t really want to go to bed again. Of course we did, and fell asleep.

So today, without the television picture working in our main area, we will listen to it. We will have it on in the bedroom, so when we want to see something we will go in there. Some people love being, in/on the bed, but not this couple.

To think we have until tomorrow afternoon before we get the new cable boxes. I always say that I watch very little television, but it’s nice to have it on in the background, so that you can look up when something interests you.

I shouldn’t be complaining. but it’s too hot to be out, and we can only spend so long in the gym. Well I could spend hours, but hubby can’t.


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