One of the best days of my life.

The first has to be the birth of my daughter, and the second my marriage to my husband. Then the 19th of August when I went to FCC Salon, where Andrea made my hair look amazing. Her husband Clint, was the photographer. He owns iDefy Media, and I can truthfully says that they both made the experience special.

Andrea was there tending to my hair between shots, and Clint made me feel relaxed, while I posed for the photos. I was born to be a model, because I glow in the limelight. Are there any agencies out there that what a 72 year old model?

Andrea taken by her husband Clint.

Clint’s prices are very reasonable, and you can get details from his website:

Here is Andrea’s Facebook page, if you would like your hair beautifully done :


  1. You look fabulous! I took the “lockdown” as a time to workout all the time again, I used to be a dancer/dance teacher for years when I was younger, but allowed myself to gain a few lbs & get out of shape sitting behind desks til I retired a few years ago. Luckily anxiety makes me lose my appetite so I lost about 12 lbs so far which is great. I will keep it up. If I ever move back to the city & the gyms open back up I will join one with my daughter-in-law & her friend. Keep up whatever you are doing because it’s working for you. Your hair looks beautiful in these shots. Take care.

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  2. We have at least a dozen gyms within a 5 mile radius of us. I walked and swam before I turned 65. For the past 7 and a half years I have gone to the gym 7 days a week.


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