What an afternoon it’s been.

The Spectrum technician came just after 2 p.m., as it started to rain hard. He told us that he hadn’t got 2 new boxes on board. That annoyed me. He checked a few things, and then said that he was going to check the signal outside

He came back in very wet, and had 2 boxes under his arm. Yes, he did have boxes but obviously didn’t want to give them out. The television still only had sound, and no picture. He said that he would get the T.V. that he carried in his vehicle to see if that worked. It did.

The last resort was to change to co-axle lead. However, he was not aloud to take the television down. I said that our friend, and I had put it up.

He asked if we wanted the new box he had put in, so we said Yes, and what to do now?. He went, and got a co-axle lead, and we easily got it down, and back up. I am no lightweight. This didn’t work so he left, after being here over an hour.

I told hubby that I bought the television 3 years ago, from Amazon, and took out a warranty. It was for 4 years, so we would be covered. I tried to bring up the original receipt from Amazon, but it kept saying that there wasn’t one. I had 3 pages of the warranty information so phoned them. They asked for a lot of information, and then said that they would be sending me an email with instructions to file a claim online.

This took much longer than I thought, as I had to create an account, and download a receipt of the purchase. It kept saying that they couldn’t read the total paid, so I got on their CHAT, and finally a person on chat. I had to download the app on my phone, and finally got it completed.

Now I have to wait 24 hours for someone to contact me. I might have to troubleshoot the television, and if that doesn’t work, either they will send someone out to repair it, or we should get a replacement.

So still no television in our living area. The whole day has disappeared, and I feel like everything is still up in the air.



  1. Those are frustrating days – dealing with a process just to fix what is wrong and make it right. It is good you had a warranty and followed through with all those annoying steps. I hope you have your new TV up and working really soon!

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  2. So frustrating and annoying. But it will be resolved in the end. I have been having a dreadful evening with computer problems but had a text from a friend who has hornets getting into her bathroom through a vent! So that puts it all into perspective. Hornets are the worst!!

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  3. It happens with Spectrum. There is sound but no picture. At other moments I don’t feel it that much, but when the program Chase it happens, I feel like banging my head in frustration.

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