Here we go again.

We were at the electro-cardiologist’s office this morning, and hubby’s pacemaker/defibrillator is working well. From there we went to Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant, where I had all you can eat salad bar, and brought my meal home, Hubby ate his shrimp pasta there. That’s okay, because he can have half of mine today. I can always make a little more pasta, and I have an easy recipe for the Parmesan sauce.

I picked up some prescriptions, and then home for a short while. I wanted to go to the gym this afternoon, as I haven’t done boxing since my last session with Patrick last Thursday. I saw a package on the front doorstep, and called hubby as soon as I arrived. It just kept ringing like before. I came back to no dial tone again.

So here I am online, with Spectrum on the smartphone. Now it’s showing I am offline, and what fun this past week has been.

Can you believe the television came back on this afternoon, after I put a claim into the warranty people, but we have no idea how long it will stay on, before we get a black screen again.

As I said in previous posts, life is certainly NOT NORMAL for us, in more ways than one. It’s almost as if we have a ghost here, switching things on, and off.


  1. Well I can understand you feeling like there is a ghost or a poltergeist around doing these things. I am having a second night when I cannot upload photos to a new blog post I am writing. It is not WP it is our internet. Argghhhh!

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