Apologizes for not getting to many of my comments yesterday.

No chance of being bored staying in with Covid-19 out there, as I could do with extra hours in my day.

Yes, we managed the gym for 2 and a half hours yesterday, as both of us had classes, then it was home for lunch. I then had laundry to do, and try and sort out a visit to the local driver’s license department. Only it isn’t local, because we are resident aliens, so have to go to the next county for our renewals.

Then we had Spectrum back. This time hubby wanted the ‘caller i.d.’ on the television. This allows us to screen the phone calls we pick up, and the ones we don’t. I had just started cooking dinner when he arrived, and instead of it being a few minutes, he was here forever. The representative on the phone said that he could change the box. That simple. No, in came the equipment, and he tested everything. He even went outside. Finally the answer was, “All of Florida is having this problem with the new boxes. You just have to wait, until it works.” Why didn’t they tell us that on the phone.

Dinner was late, and then I was finishing up the laundry, before finally getting to WordPress. I think I managed to get to most of my followers, to read their posts, but the comments on my posts, I ran out of time.




  1. On Sunday, I couldn’t watch my church service online due to the Internet outage. The church also uses Spectrum. Fortunately, I could still manage other affairs at home through my provider (AT&T).

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