How stupid could I be.

I was hoping to catch up today, but I did some cleaning, and rubbed my eyes.

Somehow my eyes were on fire, and closed. I felt the wall, to get to my bathroom, and kept flushing them with water.

Now I am laying back, and putting eye drops in them to cool them down.

I don’t think it was the Mrs. Myers product, because they are supposed to be natural, so possibly a seed from a green pepper. I had a Fajita tonight.


  1. I hope you will be feeling better soon. I know that any handling of any strong pepper can leave some sort of residue on the palms of our hands. Probably next time, you might have to wear disposable gloves when handling such peppers.

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  2. Be careful, that happened to me and it turned into pink eye (happened twice in one year). I stopped using harsh chemicals such as Chlorine and Dettol. If you do, wear goggles. Best and take care.

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