Labor Day weekend.

I wonder how many people are looking forward to this weekend?

With so many people on furlough, unemployed, or working from home, I was thinking that maybe this year, Labor Day won’t mean as much .as other years.

If you have been home for 6 months will it be like any other weekend? In this household it will be. Do you plan or traveling, and if so, by car, plane, or train. Would you feel safe? Would it be a shorter distance, would be meet up with other people, or just be on your own/couple/family.

I know it will be the gym for me, and hubby, depending on how he feels, and what football matches are being played. Whatever happens I know we will be home midday tomorrow, as the England team are playing.


  1. When I was employed, I was never able to celebrate Labor Day, but the bosses were able to do so. Now that I’m retired, I celebrate Labor Day and enjoy doing so.


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