Today’s football had no excitement about it.

England beat Iceland 1 – 0, and France were 1 – 0 winners against Sweden. These are the 2 matches we had on ESPN+ this afternoon. I think it must be the first time that I couldn’t get into it.

I know it’s hard on the players with Covid-19, and no crowds, but come on, make it interesting. I got to the point that I only looked up at the television when the commentator raised his voice. This is usually for a bad fowl, missed/made goal. It hardly happened.

Finally in the added time, after the 90 minutes, Sterling got a penalty kick, and England went in the lead. As soon as play started again, the same thing happened at the other end of the ground. However, Bjarnason put it over the net, so England won by the skin of their teeth.

In the France match, they scored in the 41st minute, and went in at half-time 1- 0 up. Again in added time, after the 90 minutes of play, France got a penalty. Can you believe that Griezmann miss the goal completely. Yes, that was the kind of matches we had today.

There were 2 other matches in The UEFA Nations League A today. Belgium beat Denmark 2 – 0, and Portugal won against Croatia 4 – 1.


  1. All the teams expected to win won in the end but you are right, the matches were very boring. Luis Enríquez was saying that the players only put their heart and soul in their club matches…I think so too…

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  2. Yes it is, although I am very happy with my Spanish team, especially after their 4-0 victory over Ukraine. My greetings,

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