Time for a new Disabled Parking Permit, and to renew our driver’s licenses.

The paperwork was sent us, for the doctor to fill out, stating that hubby still required his disabled parking permit. No problem, I took it into our doctor’s office, and picked the completed one up today. Stuck a stamp on the envelope, and it’s all done.

Now the driver’s license renewals are a different kettle of fish. I phoned the County, and got put through to the correct department. I informed them that hubby’s is due next month, and mine on my birthday, asking if it could be done on the phone, or online, due to Covid-19, my husband’s age, and disability. The answer came back “no” you have to go there in person, and take your green card, another form of identity with a photo on it, and a utilities bill, etc., showing that you are a resident.

We cannot make an appointment, so have to go in during business hours, and take our turn. It’s because they need to do an eye test. It’s a shame that they couldn’t contact our eye doctor’s office, or have them fill out a form to say that we both had eye tests 2 months ago. Hubby is great after his cataracts, and I have new glasses, with the changes made.

I know they will have precautions in place, but with a pandemic, you would think that they would make it a little easier for people like my 86, soon to be 87 year old husband.



  1. No-one seems able nowadays to do anything flexibly, if you can’t fit their pattern it becomes enormously hard work to get anything done. I remember the old days when you could walk into your local bank and be recognised by the bank manager and hand him a piece of paper and ask to change a name on a bank account. Now you need three different types of identification and even then if it doesn’t fit with the correct type you still can’t get the job done. Sometime getting things done is like pushing water uphill.

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  2. I told my dad to stop driving when he was 86 or so. He had macular degeneration. It’s nice that your husband still has good vision. I hope I can drive until the day I die! Seriously. I hate being stuck at home.

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