Best visit ever.

Usually it takes 2 hours at the nephrologist office. However, today we arrived at 2.20 for a 2.30 visit. We immediately went into the room. I filled out the paperwork, and gave the only person working there, apart from the doctor, my credit card, and we were ready.

His specialist came in straight away, and talked about the last few months, and then took hubby’s blood pressure, and listen to his chest. He then went over the lab results, and there was no change, which is really great to hear. It means that we are doing everything right.

I asked for a refill on a prescription, and we were done. Out just after the time we would usually start our long wait in the waiting room. I think it is because we had the option of doing a telephone one, which is impossible as hubby doesn’t understand anyone on the phone, and I believe many took that route. I don’t like the circumstances, but it was a brilliant visit.


  1. I think since Covid, doctors have gotten much better about getting patients in and out timely. What took them so long?!! But great news for you and your husband. And glad he received a good report, too.

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  2. Great to hear that all is well, Susie. You are doing a great job.
    Here in Australia many doctors now do phone and online visits. I think they are so good for those who can. They will save us so much waiting time and expense getting to an office; to say nothing of having to drag a sick body out of a warm bed.
    For those who really need a one on one consult, as you’ve written, should also enjoy a far better experience all round.

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