At the Voyager Beach Club, Treasure Island.

A busy morning packing, and then a rather wet drive down here. We stopped off for a quick lunch, as I don’t cook when we are away.

I had shorts, and a razor back top on, with my raincoat around my waist. I walked down the beach to the water’s edge, and dipped my feet into the warm water.

The wind got up, and the swirls of rain, hit me sideways. I had my raincoat on, with a cap underneath it. By the time I walked back, the water was running off my hood, glasses, chin, dripping from the bottom of my raincoat, and my feet were squelching.

I had to remove everything, and have a hot shower. I put all the clothes into the dryer, including the hat to dry.

I went back down an hour ago, and told hubby I would only walk the boardwalk, as he was worried that I would get sick. Of course, it didn’t rain. I plan on going down once more before then end of the day, and am hoping that I get to listen to the waves.


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