Pizza and Parmesan Meatball Sub for lunch.

I manager a short walk this morning in the drizzle, and did 4,000 steps. Then it was up to the timeshare, wash my feet, and off to Britt’s Coal Fire Pizza.

I parked close by as it was raining, and hubby had left his jacket in the timeshare. I ordered the sub for hubby, as they are really good, and just 1 slice of pepperoni pizza for me. I am not a big lover of it, and have most of my roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and sweet potato from yesterday for tonight.

Hubby’s food came out great. My slice of pizza was cold, the cheese hard, as well as the crust. I tried to cut one piece, and ended up scrapping off the topping. It was not good. When the server walked pass I called her back, and told her how hard it was. She said that as they had only just opened, it was fresh. I begged to differ, and tapped the hard cheese. She brought me a fresh piece, where the cheese was runny. I was happy with this. I can’t understand why a server will even bring out something that doesn’t look good.

Anyway, we ate our food, and got back to the room in time for the Sheffield United Premier League match against Wolves. In the first few minutes Wolves were leading 2 – 0.


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