How to use the block editor on your phone

Yesterday I saw the blocks on my phone, and thought ‘Oh no. Here we go again.’

It’s so easy. Type in your text, then click on the + sign, and choose gallery.

Press the + sign for text.

Then go to the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, and continue as usual. Add categories, tags, and featured image.

That’s it folks.


  1. Lol the only constant in life…change! …excepting the pesky change shortage of 2020🤡😁😁😁🤡

    Yay got you some beach time! I did miss that glorious night scotch on the beach idiot me didn’t notice how soft people can approach… Duh, -edited out for good sense of can’t say nothing good then don’t be talking ….., you were asked out! He he heheheh.

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