Boxing, lifting, and boxing, plus free Panera coffee.

Hubby was aching from his 2 falls yesterday, so I decided to color my hair today. I use the root touch up one time, and then the full head the next time. By the time I had done that, breakfast was at 10 a.m. I stayed around the house to after 11, and then drove up to Panera, as it is less than 2 miles from that particular gym. I used the touch screen, and it was easy to get my free coffee. This time I went for hazelnut.

Then to the gym, and I love the back room of he Ridge Road gym. I am usually on my own, or perhaps one other person. I did boxing for 15 minutes, then went onto my Body Pump lifting that I do in class, and finally back to boxing. This time I was punching, jabs, hooks, and uppercuts as fast, and hard as I could. I really want this left wrist to be back to 100%.

Then it was time to head back to hubby to see how he was. He hasn’t been to get the mail, so I know he is hurting.

Time for lunch now.

Thanks to the person that signed up for Fetch Rewards yesterday, I have another $5 gift card. If I could just get one more today, it will be $5 more. Fingers crossed.

Turn your grocery receipts into gift cards with Fetch Rewards. It’s super easy. Just click the link below and you’ll get $2 in points when you snap your first receipt.


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