Noiposi Fireproof Money Bag, 8″x5″ Waterproof and Fireproof Envelope, Small Fireproof Safe Storage Pouch for Money, Cash and Document, Pack of 2

I was fortunate to be sent 2 Noiposi Fireproof, Waterproof document, money, cash pouches, for my own use. They look like envelopes from the front. There is Velcro to close the top of them.

To open the fireproof/waterproof bag, there is a sturdy zipper, with a loop at the end, so you could clip keys, or similar items onto it if you wished.

There is a full size pocket to put bigger items in, and then 2 smaller ones that would be perfect for credit cards, driver’s license, car insurance, Medicare card, cash, etc.

I received 2 of them, and the size are 8 inches x 5 inches.

I personally have a large one for legal paper size documents, but one of these will be great for my green cards, and other smaller items. I also tried my phone in one of the bags, and it fits perfectly. This would make it safer, that just having it in my handbag.

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