I received a refund from the seller on Amazon.

After my husband took a third fall yesterday, but this time in the house on carpet, I was determined to let the sellers know about it. He has bruises, and his back hurts. I had asked him not to try again, but it had been ignored.

The seller agreed, after seeing the photos of hubby, and I am pleased to say that we can now get something that will work. I went to 2 stores yesterday, and all the chairs, and loungers had been replaced by Christmas trees, decorations, etc.

He has to physically sit in one before we buy again, otherwise we could have the same situation. Does anyone have any suggestions for me.


  1. Hey, Susie, why don’t you try this place? Patio Factory Supercenter with Stores In Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte. Obviously, Bradenton (my old hometown) is the closest but the Sarasota store is the biggest. If not, just Google “Patio Furniture Stores in Florida”. That’s what I did.

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  2. Susie, is he all right? I am glad that the seller was reasonable and did not try to keep your money. That would be really bad. A refund cannot replace your husband, but at least it lets you know that sellers are willing to confront the reality that their products are not well made.

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