No pain, no gain.

I have that on one of my sport’s bottles, and have never felt it.

Today my left shoulder is feeling it. It is on fire, with the burn. Both workouts were sensational, and I gave my all. Yes, with sweat pouring off me, I can honestly say “One of the best days I have experienced”. The pain/fire feeling is a great feeling, and I am getting back to my pre-fractured wrist/Covid-19 strength.


Reminds we of the Queen song, Can’t stop me now, I’m having a good time. Can’t stop me now, I’m having a ball.


  1. No one will stop you. Please take care not to get injured again. The weather has been terrible and when it finally cleared up enough for me to go on a very long hike, I get plantar fasciitis. I’m held together by tape at the moment. Longing to go uphill.

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