WordPress Reader misbehaving again.

With 4,580 followers. the best way for me to get to as many as possible, is by using the WordPress Reader. Well, it did it again this morning. It went from 45 minutes. the next one being 10 hours ago. That is so frustrating, because I will miss the posts in between.

If you have liked my yesterday’s posts, then I should have time to pick you up, my checking through them.

Yes, I can go to the reader on my laptop, but as I am out of town, it is so slow.



  1. I had trouble with the Reader page the other day. I started to go back to catch the posts published while I was off-line. It went back 4 hours and that was it. I tried refreshing the page, going out and back in again, all sort of “tricks”, but to no avail.

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