Who is watching the Trump/Biden Debate.

We never watch anything political, as we are resident aliens, but with what comes out of Trump’s mouth, and how Biden will react, it’s just too tempting not to watch.

Would love to know your reaction while it’s on, or after it has finished.

May the best man win.


  1. Watched it, even though seeing and hearing T spout crap is my least favorite thing to do.  I wish Biden spoke more clearly but think he held up well under the barrage.  What do you think?

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  2. Chris Wallace was a disappointment. He should have pushed for further explanation of some of the responses as that is part of being a journalist and a moderator. We live in crazy times. I am an Independent and when I see the choices, I see either voting for a bully businessman or a guy that is a career politician that never got much done and who I believe is not cognitively fit to be president. So even if I do not understand why Trump cannot keep his mouth shut, I believe he is the better choice.

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  3. To be honest I didn’t because I don’t watch the news or read newspapers or follow politics. I don’t for a moment believe the crap news agencies spew in order to get people to follow like sheep. A political system that forces people to choose the lesser of two evils every four years does not work. It isn’t a choice; its an illusion of choice.
    What I do instead is research of my own and form my own opinions. Frankly everyone is flawed, Biden and Trump included, but Biden is super creepy. Trump doesn’t pretend but he isn’t a politician and politicians pretend.
    Goodness, this was the long way around wasn’t it!
    Have a blessed day!

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  4. HAha the
    How Trump
    Has Zero Genuine
    Real Human
    He Should
    Before He Wears
    His Clown Mask Again
    Otherwise Pass the
    As We
    Lose like
    Any Spoiled
    Brat SporT HiS onLy Art
    No Different than Santis
    And His Promotion
    Of Increasing
    Making Most
    Vulnerable Among
    Us Mud-Mix for
    Building Pharaoh’s
    Golden Pyramids
    Of Nothing
    To LoVE iN
    PoiSon For A
    Species Green Changing
    Turning Rotting 💀 Dead
    Never Mind the Trump
    It All Up🤑🤮
    🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️ No Need
    To Celebrate Halloween
    As it’s No Longer A Joke…
    A Trump Reality Show until
    January or so of 2021 TG💀

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  5. Angel, you have no idea. I am from America. No one said anyone was condemning them because they are “black”. The problem is people like you putting words into others’ mouths that are just not true. They are a hate. group. In fact, at this time, you can fact check it, they are in the process of making them a terrorist group. I don’t care who is who. All I know is someone went into a crowd with a club and started banging on people. He is now in jail. He claims to be a member of that group. That has and is now happening. These groups are here to create Trump’s chaos and are opportunistic. Period. They should not be around. Do not ever state people’s opinions with racists remarks as you did. You may be a Trump fan, but he is the racist in all this and you are falling right in line with his brainwashing. Your shouting racists remarks will not work with facts and truth.


  6. I watch the debates to “see” what each person stands for, looking both what is said and unsaid. It’s a real education, like the Judicial Confirmation hearings, along with self-research. I’ve read Bernie Sanders books, and some other radical left and socialists, so I can see the disinformation. Looking at Biden’s web site, all I saw was a man with no real constitutional beliefs, but a man who’s completely dependent upon and anti-Trump campaign, supported by a corrupt media. That took a long to for me to realize, but with years, the obvious came forward.

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  7. I don’t trust Biden. There, I have said it. The best man did not win this race and if I were 21, I would leave the country for my best results. Take my chances overseas.


  8. The citizens of a country have the responsibility to check and balance the government. Though things are terribly bad in current situations, it took a long time of people looking the other way, passing the buck, and leaving when they should stand up, informing others. People hear, most, have no understanding of what the former Soviet Union was like. We still have freedom, but we need to keep talking, writing, communicating, and discussing, else wherever we go we bring the same problems there.

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