1st of October, where has this year gone.

I know it’s a year we all want to forget, but it’s rushing by so quickly. We got home just after 10 a.m. this morning, and I had so much planned.

I did one post here, which was a long one, and read a lot of my follower’s posts. Then it was time for exercise. Because we are self isolating until our results come back, I found a really good Body Combat video on YouTube. I liked it more than our gym ones. I believe it was, because they had 3 different trainers doing it, so there seemed more variety, and all of them had so much passion.

We then had lunch. Since then I have made phone calls, canceled our classes at the gym, also my boxing tomorrow with my trainer. Boo hoo., I did clean the toilets, that’s a plus as I hate housework.

There have been 3 League Cup football matches. I wasn’t interested in the first two, but we are in the 69th minute of the Liverpool – Arsenal match. Liverpool have had more chances, but the score is still 0 – 0. To anyone that doesn’t know the game they would think, how boring, but the amount of brilliant saves by both goalkeepers has made the match. It’s now the 85th minute and no score.

Will Arsenal do it? I would love to see it. If it’s still a draw at the end of 90 minutes, it will be penalty kicks. I am cooking dinner while watching this.

Yes, my day at home has disappeared, and I want to do another workout later.



  1. Happy October Susie! It sounds like you had a busy day. I agree! Where has this year gone? This has been my slowest year in blog world since 2016, but that is okay. I didn’t write as much as I usually do, but would like to change that. Thanks for sharing this workout! I am going to try it. Hope you will have a wonderful rest of your day!

    ❤ Alana

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  2. Thanks for sharing the workout! I may try it, it’s helpful to see or watch to see if it’s something I would do… And yes, this year has flown by. Time flies I think as we age. Hope the tests come back negative! ❤️

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  3. Lulu: “I asked our Dada that question about where the year has gone and he made reference to ‘down the toilet’, whatever that means …”
    Charlee: “We saw your later post that you both tested negative. That’s most excellent news!”

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  4. I don’t really know to be honest. What you shared looked kinda fun. I’ve done yoga which is super slow and my daughter suggested that for me. Something slower to start that’s for sure…..

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