Covid testing made simple.

We have seen the horrendous amount of cars lining up for Coronavirus testing in the past. We were told that a person, that we hadn’t been in contact with tested positive for Corod-19, but we had been around other people that had. We were pretty sure that we were fine, but it was suggested that we get a test.

I phone our G.P. yesterday afternoon, and they said that scripts would be ready for us when they opened today. I checked to see where testing sites were.

Up early this morning, wanting to get it over, we drove to the doctor’s office, phoned from outside, as instructed, and it kept going to voicemail. So with mask on, I went to the front door that was open. I called out to them, and the answer was that both phones, and Internet were down. I was handed the paperwork from an employee duly protected.

We drove to the mall, and around it as we couldn’t see any directions, and the mall doesn’t open to 11 a.m. Finally a bus driver was sitting in his bus, and I called out to him. He told me it was the other end of the mall. The Sears auto area that closed when Sears went out of the mall.

Once in line there were 4 vehicles before us, but enough people to get details on all of us. I was talking to both guys, as hubby could not answer all his questions. They took details off of the scripts, and told us to the follow the other vehicles.

We were all ready at the same time, so drove into the building. I pulled up at #3, and a gentleman came, and did mine. I then pulled up to the first spot, and hubby’s was done. That’s how quick it was.

I was very apprehensive about having it, as I had heard, and read that people said it was painful, and that they wouldn’t have it done again. A swab went up my nose, and when it hit the top, I had a slight jerk, but that was it, not sting, pain, or anything. Hubby didn’t even move for his. I would advise anyone to go, if there is the slightest change of being in contact with anyone, that tests positive.

Now I am home, and for the next couple of days, I will be on WordPress, watching English and European football, Vlogs, and reviews. I will reluctantly do some housework too.


  1. There are different kinds of tests too. I am one who wouldn’t repeat the first kind I had again. But my health insurer mailed out a free one on request when I was having weird symptoms a few weeks ago. It was much better. Just a large, soft Q-tip type swab that you ran around only the bottom part of each nostril. That was it. I got the results online in just a couple of days, negative. 🙂

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  2. Well done, Susie!
    I haven’t had a test as yet, but, if I felt the need to have one I will certainly do so. My daughter has had one; she’s a pre-school teacher and needs to be certain she is OK.
    Here’s hoping you are both negative…

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  3. I think it depends on your. sinuses. Mine are almost always irritated so it was quite painful. My granddaughter had to have both a COVID and strep test yesterday, poor Boo. Strep was positive so we’re fairly certain her COVID will be negative

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