So much time wasted.

Yesterday when we had our Covid-19 tests, I was given a sheet of paper with the details of getting into the patient portal. We were told to wait 24 hours, and then create an online account.

We went at 9.30 a.m. yesterday, so I tried to get mine setup at 11 a.m. It said that there was no match. I then tried half an hour ago (1.30 p.m.) and it still said the same. I tried several times, and then thought I would do my husband’s one.

They accepted his details, and I set up an account for him. I then went back to mine, and have been trying to no avail. They have a telephone number for assistance for the portal. I have already been holding for 15 minutes, and really hope that someone can get it sorted out. We had scripts, so the information was correct. All I can think it that it was entered incorrectly on their part. We shall see.

Finally someone answered, and put me on hold. When she came back she gave me a telephone number to call directly to get results. So why have I wasted over an hour today, when I could have just made a 20 second phone call.


  1. Duh, hoping negative for joy…unless you like the typhoid Mary hopes ;). In which case shhh or you will lose party invites! Heheheh
    I’m due tomorrow for mine to go to a new clinic within same company always this or that vax like hep b took 5-6 months to get through…always flu or quarantine now covid I’m sure there’s always a shot awaiting me heheheh.

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