Trump positive for Covid-19

After my first, and last political post about the Presidential debate, and I am not saying, ‘I told you so’. but with other world leaders getting Coronavirus, I am not surprised.

It doesn’t just affect the poor, and elderly, but everyone. We all have to do things in our lives, and there is no guarantee for anyone.

As you know hubby, and I, are waiting for our test results.


  1. Most of us in America are shaking heads and saying “told you so”. This could be over if people complied to masks, etc. I sure am thinking the best for you and your husband. I have my fingers crossed for you too. 🙂

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  2. The irony is certainly not lost on me. I hope your tests are negative. It destroyed my already fragile health and I’m still trying to recover. My husband and I contracted it all the way back in March. Hoping for the best for you both!

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  3. Masked Or Umasked
    No Matter Religion,
    Creed, Or Color
    Indeed Shows
    The Reality
    Of Human
    Empathic Love
    For Others As Ironically
    When Santis Foolishly
    Pronounced The Hardest
    Part to Come Now Over
    With Pandemic Reality
    The Least of
    Loving Empathy
    In Care For
    Most At the
    So-Called Christian
    Church i Attend indeed
    More Tiny Cotton Masks
    Carried High At the Public
    Mall.. So Of Course the
    Sanctity of Life
    Becomes non-important
    For those Who Would
    Love to Rule over
    A Woman’s
    Right to
    Freedoms indeed
    Taking Contraceptives
    Away Increasing
    Maiming And
    Death For
    All in unsafe
    Abortions As
    They Kill More
    In Third World
    Countries of
    World Indeed
    Just a Metaphor…
    As i am Raised in
    A Trailer WHere
    i Live too but
    i Escaped
    Bagdad Florida
    And Florida Men too..;)

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