Welcome To The Real World – This is so true, and sad.

It’s the weekend, a time when we should relax and recuperate from our efforts during the preceding week. It’s when we recharge our batteries and switch off a little from the trials and tribulations of work. Saturday morning should be good news. Yet, when I checked my social media accounts this morning and watched the […]

Welcome To The Real World


  1. Honestly Noe We Still
    Could Fix the Problem
    If We Considered All
    Of Us one Family
    Love Protecting All
    Lives As Dear
    As They Do in
    Far East Asian
    Nations All
    Music off
    One Sheet
    Of Mask
    Saving Love
    True No Matter
    What ‘They Call
    Love God’
    Is Not
    Dead There
    As God’s
    Breath is
    Slowly A
    Story of Love
    In Both State
    And Yes by
    God of Ugliest
    Truth of Dark
    In Church
    NoW in LiGHT
    Most WHere
    The Sanctity
    Of Standing
    Life is Unmasked
    Most Know
    A God of
    Dying Love
    Now just out of Breath
    Begging For A Mask
    To BReaTHE THeir
    True Messiah Now
    Donald J . Trump’s
    Lies have Killed Yes
    Thousands of innocents
    Here No Different than
    The Last Evil Try
    Of Lies
    Among 100,000
    Plus Lives Brown
    And Innocent
    In Countries
    By Mass
    Weapon Lies
    No Different
    Than the Reality
    Now of the Catholic
    Church i Visit
    Each Week
    As Just
    A Court
    A Choir
    Of Love WHere
    Love Still sits
    Least as Last
    First in
    NoW iNHeRiTinG LoVE
    Patriot enough to wear
    A JeSuS MasK Not
    News 😷

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