Fun time with my neighbor.

We decided to go in separate cars, due to social distancing. I phoned my neighbor, and then drove out of the garage. She followed me to the gym.

As it was Sunday, and only one guy on the desk, he asked her to sign in, and sign up tomorrow.

We did some really good stretching, and then moved to the treadmill. We slowly walked for 5 minutes and then upped our speed with hand weights. She had never thought of 2 exercises in one. After 20 minutes we cleaned the equipment, and moved back to the stretching area

My friend went on the stepper, and I showed her several different kinds of steps, while I was watching on the upside down Bosu ball with weights.

Finally a cool down stretch, cleaned everything, and sanitized our hands.

Our hour flew by. She loved it, and is coming to the other gym tomorrow, so it will be Zumba Gold. That is the easiest one.

It’s lovely having a new friend, and so close to home.


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