2 hours of workingout today.

It’s really good getting back into a routine. I suggested my neighbor leave at 10 a.m. to get registered at the gym. We left 10 minutes later. She was still getting her phone setup when we arrived. They said that it would get sorted after the class.

Ann and I both had fun in the Zumba Gold class. Because of her osteoporosis, I suggested that she watch the instructor’s feet, and concentrate on that. The arms will come in time. The 45 minutes went by so quickly, and I kept looking behind me to see if she was enjoying it. After she said that she loved it.

We then went back to the desk where they finally got her logged into their app, so she can check out all the classes, and book whatever ones she wants to do. She asked if there was anything she needed to do, before leaving. I said that as stretching was very short, just the last song, she might like to do a 10 minute stretch. To begin with I think this is a must, and he did it.

I went on the ab machines, and my favorite arm ones for the half an hour, before hubby’s Silver Sneakers came out. Today I probably won’t do a Body Combat class at home, as I feel that I have done enough for the day.


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