Sorry I haven’t been around today.

I apologize that all I have written today is a Happy Birthday to my husband. We went to the gym, and after I had done Zumba, hubby his Silver Sneakers, and I had a boxing session with my trainer, it was time to eat.

We went to Denny’s as it’s close to the gym, and he had a free birthday Grand Slam. Something he always enjoys. I then drove home, and had to go to the pharmacy for the 3rd time in 2 days, to pick up a prescription that they were supposed to fill at the end of last month. I also filled the car with gas.

Then it was a Skype session with hubby’s daughter. I finally got to check the mail, emails, and my sellers on Amazon. It was past 5 p.m. by then. Hubby wanted to go to the Eagles club for an hour, so time to freshen up, and look good.

We took a cheesecake down, plates, napkins, and fork, as well as a Happy Birthday balloon, and as he is a Past President of the club, got a lot of congratulations, etc.

We are now home, and I have decided that tomorrow we will leave later for the beach, and I will do the packing in the morning. The day/evening totally disappeared on me.


  1. First, happy birthday to your hubby/wubby.
    Sorry if that gets a puke look 😉

    Next, for some reason, thank you as it seems you’re alllll over my little jottings very often and fairly comprehensive…okay I don’t run trackers and loggers to database my audience…I could… Nah too much annoyance … But, thank you as I wouldn’t know you say you were busy but seem to share the blessing of your eyes my way.


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