Our anniversary dinner at Cody’s.

We went to Cody’s Roadhouse Grill for a late lunch, to make sure we social distanced. We had the same server as last time.

Hubby asked for Chili, instead of all you can eat salad, and the Chicken Pot Pie. Our server came back and said that they were out of Chili, and Pot Pies. I thought, oh no, this isn’t going to be good. She said that she had asked the Manager to check for him. The answer was ‘Yes’, they had a pie.

Hubby had chicken noodle soup, and my salad were good. When hubby’s pot pie came out, it was black on top. He cut into it, and it had dried up. I asked our server if he could have some gravy to pour onto it. This made is moist, and much better. He found a chicken bone in this pie, and the server took it to the manager.

My turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and sweet potato was excellent.

The Manager came to our table, and apologized for the tiny, sharp bone, in the pie, and said that he would talk to the kitchen staff.

Our server came back with a box for my half a dinner that I was taking home. She asked me to choose from a selection of deluxe desserts. I chose chocolate. She said she would box it for me. We also got our free cheesecake with the meal.

When the check came, we were only charged for my meal. What a fantastic Manager, and server.



  1. Good customer service is not that there were problems, it is how those problems were handled. Stuff happens, but a sharp chicken bone is not what you want to see in your meal. Glad you managed to celebrate Susie. Allan


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